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"Over finished, red lanterns covered with old and new city is about to complete its mission. May, in just over twenty days, the staff of the County the municipal gardens Management at the lantern tinkering several times, the reason is [...]" · Просмотр


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    Over finished, red lanterns covered with old and new city is about to complete its mission. May, in just over twenty days, the staff of the County the municipal gardens Management at the lantern tinkering several times, the reason is that some lanterns to bring back home.

    East Gate bridges near the old town, we saw a few lanterns were ripped off, leaving only a wire alone there. The management staff at the municipal gardens tell us now see the newly ripped away, hang on the eve of the Spring Festival, when more serious damage.

    The County the municipal gardens Management at wholesale Director Chen Jianhong said: »that place like the cinema, picked star shaped nearly over thirty, equivalent to an area in the halloween lights East Gate bridges also be wise to be more in accordance with the requirements promptly repair back , but the whole of our people for such public facilities lack the Prevention of Cruelty. »

    Also injured more than lanterns, county South Bridge and asked fishery Road green belt can also be said to have been »full of holes». We saw at the scene, asked fisheries Road green belt to be stamped out dozens of »sidewalk» is even more serious in Bridge Road, is basically about three meters, there was a »sidewalk». County Municipal Gardens Management Office Director Chen Jianhong said, one hand, such behavior undermines the integrity and aesthetics of the green belt, on the other hand is not safe, is likely to cause traffic lantern festival accidents. , Chen Jianhong told us, Bridge Road, the round paper lanterns faucet in the middle of the green belt laundry water halloween lantern dishes, and sometimes forget to turn wasteful, desperation, they can only be temporarily shut the faucet.

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    A child I always put a lantern each to the Lantern Festival, when the dark streets and a bunch of small partners ran. The morning red lanterns to see my husband and children to do together, really beautiful night one carrying a red light. Retrieve childhood fun!

    The reporter the micro’s visit (Wang Zhen): Recently the family hospitalized, Bo advocated Ms. daily basic hospital. 6-year-old daughter squinting think she’ll give her a call. Each off the phone, she let her daughter the phone to my father, so that he must accompany the child.

    The day before yesterday 20:00 or so, her husband brought her daughter came to hospital to see my grandfather. Very fact send her away, squinting a little cry, she hugged her daughter, the day is the Lantern Festival, at night must come back with baby festivals.

    Yesterday morning, Ms. Zhang received hair pictures of her husband on a micro-channel, opened it, and hand-made red lanterns. My husband said, the basic structure of the lantern is red cardboard, cut 4 rectangles, cut into the shape of four leading double-sided adhesive, and then leading the eyes painted on. Husband own evaluation is done rather hastily, so I am a bit rough, but kill two birds with one stone, to accompany the little squinting play also saving money.

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    A child, during the Lantern Festival, the mother will give us three siblings each buy paper lanterns a lantern. When the lantern, the upper and lower piece of thin cardboard, intermediate use colored paper to link the various patterns of colored paper painting are kids favorite cartoon or mythological figures. The paper lanterns Most were square-shaped or barrel-shaped, the style is very simple.

    Impression, paper lanterns, a selling for five cents. Fifteenth night, after dinner, the the village kids carrying paper lanterns, from the end of the village went Murao, stroll around and sometimes go to the fields or the woods. Paper lanterns easily broken, the children are sound and moving, collision is inevitable, an evening stroll down the floor is everywhere is damaged paper lanterns.

    Later, with the plastic lanterns, shapes, and in a small light bulb, not only lit paper lanterns, but also difficult to damage. , Who raised plastic lanterns, often able to win the envious eyes of small partners. My sister and I from time to time look forward to, which can buy a plastic lanterns. She is still every year to buy paper lanterns, let’s really disappointed. Until junior high school, the only pocket money, you can buy plastic lanterns, but because the teens, but embarrassed again lantern, entering into the child population. Later often recalled that she would not without regret.

    The second year after the marriage, halloween lantern the mischievous son was born. After the Lantern Festival, I will be for his son to buy a lantern, string lights then a mortar Lantern. Lantern crowds, but I do not know whether to grow older, lost the playful, always felt something was lanterns lacking lively seems. The kind of simple pleasures of childhood, and the total time to time I miss.

    Later had asked her son, he also said boring. Every child carrying much the same lantern stroll lantern, guess riddles, year after year, long tired. I listen to comes to childhood paper lanterns, son hand, is very interested in, constantly inquiring, and later ejaculating buy a paper lantern. Just take a stroll all the shops, the shadow of which there are paper lanterns?

    This year’s Lantern Festival is coming, I whim, the Internet search paper lanterns practice. Looked very simple, and it will move the mind to want to be a paper lantern. Everything is ready to say, according to the online steps, not long after, a slightly refined rough but quite special paper lanterns finally made.

    Night, I took my son mortar lantern. Son in the hands of paper lanterns become the focus of the lantern, and constantly the child crying buy one. So, parents have to ask, where to buy paper lanterns? I smiled and said that this is their own doing, love cards, unique.

    Stroll the lantern, came back, has always been called the destruction of the king’s son turned cautiously paper lanterns closed up in a drawer. The son said, Dad, paper outdoor lights lanterns, I next year, but also to use it!

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    Less traditional handmade lanterns with bamboo and other materials rolled, with the departure of a number of veteran artists, craft Rolling lanterns gradually fade from view. Seems in Jinan City, deputy director of the Institute of Folk Art Kite Guguang Jun a pity, but also helpless.
    »Although the economic cost in terms of the sturdy lantern only need some simple bamboo materials and paper will be able to do it, but the time to pay the cost is very high.» Said Gu Guangjun, making bamboo lanterns to choose first Zhuliao, then you want to cut open, dry, two or three days only this process is necessary. In post-production, when they should be based on the shape of the lanterns made ??of bamboo material for baking, shaping, a simple shape lanterns baking process relatively simple, and experience some of the more complex shapes, such as leading, zodiac shape lines varied lanterns will have to invest a lot of energy when baking, shape each Zhuliao. After the end of these work, but also the bamboo banding, slimy, this work is also time-consuming.
    In addition to the production process complicated, the the sturdy lantern and save a lot of trouble. Bamboo material put for a long time will be deformed, sturdy lanterns are generally in the year after use basic can not be used again, and when it is easy to damage. Guguang Jun told reporters.
    Some enterprises and companies usually use lanterns lantern material source of great demand. Wire skeleton, easier stereotypes and long-term preservation. »Said Gu Guangjun, relative to the sturdy lantern the wire skeleton lantern popular on the market has obvious advantages. Lanterns screen inappropriate, simply replace the fabric, these are bamboo bar-lanterns do not have.
    The ordinary customer use of lanterns what kind of material do not care about buying lanterns Figure auspicious lively, very few people will care about The Lantern is how do say the price is similar, some sturdy lantern even more expensive.

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    New Year’s Eve fireworks lit in a modern skyscraper, it was not a real festive. Traditional (Raiders) years, it is best to have a traditional shell carrying. Pingyao is the best choice, it retains the traditional city building shell, also inherited the Millennium folk.

    About Pingyao City during the Spring Festival, and taste like air everywhere. Ming and Qing street Shehuo Festival, a downtown is a whole month. Where people hang lanterns, put up color floor, decorated floats, savior or the dragon and lion, throwing Hydrangea carry the palanquin, twisting Yangko sing JinJu bustling. Lively everywhere, but everyone here is very lively, and regard the people brought to the traditional way of life, Millennium scene distinctly reproduction.

    Night in Pingyao, from North Avenue to the circumpolar door, the ancient city wall everywhere are decked out with all kinds of lanterns, every household hang red lanterns in front.

    Most worth seeing Wanghuo. New Year’s Eve, people front yard, a large coal �ݳ� tower outside paste note, multi-read, »Wang Qi sky. Midnight, firecrackers, coal tower points up, flames whirring of the gap from the coal coming out of a small volcanic densely arranged like the street, do go chill streetscape sublime.

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    vedanervE wen – новый статус:   3 нед., 2 дн. назад · Просмотр

    To welcome the New Year, Dongyue Street on both sides hanging red lanterns, we put the two days, 23 missing and damaged. 4, the staff Easy lanterns hung in place.

    Good lantern to destroy, infuriating people. »4, the public Ms. Wu told reporters that she found in the 2nd to the bus company, has been from the wholesale railway station junction to greet the New Year red star shaped lanterns, some even out in the entire on halloween lights the ground, »thought is wind, I walked away, outdoor lights lanterns obviously crack.» Ms. Wu said. Near a supermarket boss told reporters that he come to work on Friday morning, the ground lanterns debris. Next to the train station, and from the many tourists. »

    Damaged lanterns reporter on the scene saw a total of 23. 4, 2011, the staff in place to put a temporary lanterns.

    Dongyue street lanterns hang of last Tuesday, we specialize in finding people to design, a the lanterns cost of 50 dollars, 23 lanterns almost 1200 yuan. »Responsible for the installation of lanterns Mr. Xu told reporters, after an lantern festival investigation, lanterns the evening of January 31, was round paper lanterns struck with sticks bad, but vandals temporarily not halloween lantern found, »was smashed, the other sections there are lanterns stolen, I hope that the public found a similar behavior to alarm the public security departments in a timely manner, with maintenance good and harmonious atmosphere of the New Year. »the staff said.

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    These days, in of Jishan County Young zhaocun over 300 lanterns processing households are busy working towards lanterns, red lanterns auspiciousness before and after the Chinese New Year this time, especially selling better for the villagers to bring a prosperous and affluentyears.

    Jishan County the Yang zhaocun lanterns processing households tube Yuhui: Hello, Where are you? My melon lantern, zodiac lanterns, glass lanterns, Peony Lantern have Han lights.

    Screen, this phone is working with merchants fellow named pipe Yuhui processing households of Yang zhaocun lanterns professional lantern. Before the Spring Festival, pipe Yuhui received twenty orders every day.

    Jishan County the Yang zhaocun lanterns processing households tube Yuhui: lanterns in addition to the production of this traditional fishing lights, Fuk lights this year, this year in particular an increase melon lanterns, which is rich flowers symbolizing luck, particularly good sales this year.

    Reporter: one day off a piece?

    Jishan County the Yang zhaocun lanterns processing households tube Yuhui: now probably one day go five six hundred.

    In Yang zhaocun, like tube to Yuhui processing households there are more than 300 households, nearly a month, we daily work overtime for businessmen from around the world working towards a variety of lanterns. It is understood that, from December last year to now, Yang Zhao lanterns has sold 4 million pairs of orders have been down to the Lunar New Year.

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